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Shirt of the day:  Stag Yellow courtesy of Nerea Palacios - iwanttoworkfornike

For those who don’t know about these guys. Nerea Palacios has crowd funded a campaign to design and create football shirts, designed by fans for fans.  

The Stag Yellow is one of a number of Game of Thrones tributes.  I for one think it is class.  

Find out more about the campaign here:

Shirt of the day: Brøndby, Hummel, 2013-15 courtesy of @eldejo

We have said it once we have said it again, we bloody love Hummel at the Football Shirt Collective.  And what better time to celebrate the Danish kit makers then when Daniel Agger is heading home to Brøndby.

Here is a cracker designed by Eldejo. The 2013-14 Brøndby IF home matchwear celebrates the 10 championships won by the club with two stars above the crest, with each star representing 5 titles.

Brondby, Hummel, 2013-15

The design of the kits, from the cutting lines to the graphics, are inspired by the shapes of stars…on the front chest, the tips of two stars meet as two shades of blue and the bodymapped mesh inserts also take on star shapes. The jersey back references the stars and on the inside neck, every year of a title won is written on the neck tape. Below the tape is a star inspired graphic highlighting the partnership between Brøndby and hummel.

If you have a hummel shirt you want to share let us know @thefootballsc

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The Football Shirt Collective - Hummel

Really nice print of football shirts courtesy of @67inc

Shirt of the day: La Hoya Lorca, Daen Sports, 2013 courtesy of @brasilmundialfc

Shirt of the day:  La Hoya Lorca, Daen Sports, 2013 courtesy of @brasilmundialfc

We are a bit late to the party on this one but who can resist a broccoli green kit.  Broccoli on the shirt. Yes please.  Broccoli on the shorts.  Yes please.  Broccoli on the crest.  HELL YEAH.  

La Hoya Lorca in the Spanish fourth division went to town on this number inspired by Murcia - the vegetable garden of Spain.  This has to be our favourite vegetable inspired shirt ever.  

Let us know what you think on @thefootballsc.

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Shirt of the day: VFL Bochum, Faber, 1998 courtesy of @brad147690 

Shirt of the day: Real Betis, Kappa, 2001 courtesy of Sid Lowe

The Football Shirt Collective - Best of 2012

My favourite football shirt - James Young

We caught up with Brazil based football writer James Young - who writes for The Independent, Sports Illustrated, The Blizzard, and World Soccer, among others - to talk grotesque Manchester City shirts, Kinky wonder goals and skimpy Brazilian shorts.

What was your first football shirt?

I have a feeling it was either a Linfield home shirt, or (gulp) the grotesque 1986 Man City red and black checks away kit. Choosing your “English team” in Northern Ireland was a curious business then – most people made the decision based on who their mates or their dad supported or who was winning stuff (and therefore on TV all the time).

In those days it was invariably Man Utd or Liverpool. My acute sense of impending doom had obviously developed early, so I supported City because nobody else did, and because Sammy Mcllroy played for them (little did I know that the aging Sammy, as a Utd legend, was not much loved on the Kippax). It was a decision that has haunted me ever since (until recently, of course, when City dramatically metamorphosed into An Entirely Different Club, started winning, and things got decidedly worse).

What is your favourite shirt?


Brazil, 1982, football kit

I must admit I’ve never thought about it before, but the Brazil 1982 team will forever be branded on my heart, not least because that was the World Cup when Northern Ireland`s boys of summer had their moment of glory.

When I close my eyes and imagine what the past looks like, I don`t get much further than Socrates and Zico and Falcão and the rest strolling around in the Spanish sun, all skinny ankles and skimpy shorts and that immortal yellow shirt. I’ve lived in Brazil for the last eight years now, but I’ve never felt the urge to buy one - it would seem like sacrilege.

What is your favourite goal?

Giorgi Kindladze wonder goal Manchester City

Would have to be Giorgi Kinkladze’s “Lionel Who?” moment of twinkle-toed genius for Man City against Southampton in 1996 - Goal 8 (2:19) of an amazing goal of the season collection.  

I remember it being a freezing, dank afternoon (it always seemed to be a freezing, dank afternoon in those days), and sitting in the pub (The Salutation, Hulme) until well after kick-off, arguing about whether it was even worth going or not (this was in the middle of Alan Ball’s Maine Road reign of terror, and it was nice and warm in the pub).

Eventually we dragged ourselves up the road to the ground, just in time to see something truly magical that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. I’m probably a weary old cynic, but perhaps that’s why the memories I retain of football back then seem so special – they were moments of illumination set against a generally bleak, barren landscape, as opposed to today’s slicker, glossier parade of unrelenting (and a tiny bit tedious) brilliance.

Sabotage Times featured a few of our favourite kits from the collective today.  Did yours make it?


Summary: What do Jagiellonia Bialystok, Aris F.C., Colo Colo, Omiya Ardija, Deportivo Toluca F.C., Queen’s Park F.C., EC Pinheiros and Spurs have in common?  Correct.  They are all sponsored by Under Armour.  Quite the eclectic bunch.  For this 2013 Tottenham shirt, Under Armour have kept it simple.   A lot of white space.  There is a massive crest, kit maker badge and huge circular HP logo - a bit like a target - finished off with a blue and white trim.  


Tottenham Hotspur, Under Armour, 2013/14 

Makers: Under Armour

Inspired by: The Navy, Wimbledon, The Ashes

Would suit: Steven Segal, Andy Murray, Jonathan Trott

Where can I get one:  You can order the 2013/14 Tottenham Hotspur kit here from Kitbag.

What do you think of the kit? Let us know @thefootballsc

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Bayern Munich, Adidas, 2013/14

Juventus, Nike, 2013/14

Heerenveen, Jako, 2013/14

One for West Ham fans.  An awesome football shirt collection courtesy of @teguhellyeah - what is your favourite?

NEW KIT PREVIEW: LA Galaxy, Adidas, 2013/14

Summary: LA Galaxy. have a rather tasty new shirt fresh for 2013.  The shirt is traditional white with a massive blue diagonal stripe - also known as a sash - with 2 stars above the club badge.  There are the stars and stripes of the American flag on the sleeve and dark trim dividing the shirt into different sections.  I actually think this looks like a space suit. image

LA Galaxy, Adidas, 2013

Makers: Adidas

Inspired by: NASA

Would suit: Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong

When to wear: Boarding the Apollo 11, landing on the moon

Where can I get one:  You can order the 2013/14 LA Galaxy kit here from Kitbag.

What do you think of the kit? Let us know @thefootballsc

Here are some other kits we thought you might like:

Bayern Munich, Adidas, 2013/14

Juventus, Nike, 2013/14

Heerenveen, Jako, 2013/14

Shirt of the day: Sunderland, Hummel, 1991-94 courtesy of @philanderson99

Lets make something clear.  Very clear.  We love Hummel shirts on the Football Shirt Collective.  This Sunderland shirt from 1994 is another classic.  Simple design with the pointed black arrows on the sleeve.  Classic.  

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NEW KIT PREVIEW: Manchester City, Nike, 2013/14

Manchester City, Nike, 2013/14

Summary: Manchester City and kit maker Nike have gone for a two tone black away number this season. It is black with a gold badge, sponsor and Nike tick. It looks a bit like a smart wet suit.

Makers: Nike

Inspired by: Batman, Sam Sparrow

Would suit: Michael Keaton, George Clooney, Christian Bale

When to wear: At night

Where can I get one:  You can order the 2013/14 Manchester City kit here from Kitbag.

What do you think of the kit? Let us know @thefootballsc

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Bayern Munich, Adidas, 2013/14

Juventus, Nike, 2013/14

Heerenveen, Jako, 2013/14

My favourite football shirt - Kristan Heneage

We caught up with football writer Kristan Heneage to talk; fake England  shirts, Atalanta kits from Bergamo and Philippe Albert chips. 

What was your first ever football shirt?

My first ever football shirt was in fact an England shirt in the early 1990’s. I don’t think it was 100% authentic (see photo for why) but I treasured it. Looking back I really wish I still had it, to perhaps give to my own son/daughter but unfortunately it’s not to be.

I do remember getting the shirt around the time I was first allowed out to play in front of the house, and while my skills were nothing special, I remember kicking a ball back to my Dad in our front garden for what seemed like hours.


England, (fake), 1990 / Atalanta, (does anyone know the year and sponsor?)

What is your favourite ever football shirt?

I must confess of late I’ve become something of a kit fiend. While my collection only contains 4-5 actual purchases, I’ll often have a browse around the internet at shirts. However I think kits are often about memories you attach to them.

With that in mind I was given an old Atalanta shirt by a very good friend of mine last year. He was departing the UK to live with his new wife in Seattle and caught me off guard with the generosity. I knew it meant a lot to him, so to be willing to part with it meant a great deal, and it’s actually a wonderful shirt. A very soft material and what I imagine a young Ricardo Montolivo wore as he tore up the streets of Bergamo.

What is your favourite ever goal?

I think I will have to pick Philippe Albert’s goal against Manchester United. [NOTE:  funnily enough this was Pete Donaldson’s favourite goal also]. The game itself was incredibly surprising, but I’ve always admired a defender who can also play football.

In that sense he was very much a pioneer in modern English football I believe. Even now, when I re-watch, everything in my head expects him to power a shot at goal because it’s what everyone is demanding, to have such composure and confidence is amazing. A truly special goal.

Tweet us a picture of your favourite football shirt @thefootballsc and we’ll get the best on the site.

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Ahead of an awesome favourite football shirt piece who remembers this Philippe Albert beauty for Newcastle vs. Manchester United.

Some amazing kits courtesy of @Pontoon Pirate

Quite a few have been featured on the collective:




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