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My favourite football shirt - Dan Levy

We caught up with Dan Levy, sports editor of France 24, to talk blue arrow Arsenal shirts, AC Milan kits and “chest and volley” world cup goals.

What was your first football shirt?

My first kit was an Arsenal late-80s home shirt: red torso, white sleeves, made by Adidas with JVC as the sponsor.


Arsenal, Adidas, 1982 (source: onlinearsenal)

I had quite a few of the Arsenal away kits as well, including that preposterous early-90s yellow one with the blue arrows plastered all over it. The only player name I’ve ever had on a shirt was Ian Wright, number 8, on the back of a blue, mid-90s, Arsenal away kit.

What is your favourite football shirt?

I can’t really think of one that stands out, apart from the aforementioned Arsenal blue-arrow monstrosity, which I do quite like … For no particular reason I think I’ll say the AC Milan home kit - the ones from the 50s and 60s look cool, I also love the 2000-2002 version.


AC Milan, Adidas 2000-2002

I feel like I’m supposed to romanticise old football shirts, and the Arsenal ones from the 70s are great, but I really like the modern look of many kits as well.

What is your favourite goal?

It’s Maxi Rodriguez for Argentina against Mexico at the 2006 World Cup, a game-winning, extra-time volley. It came in the 98th minute. Captain Juan Pablo Sorin receives the ball from Lionel Messi and chips a cross-field pass from left to right towards the corner of the penalty area.

Maxi doesn’t bring it down; instead, he thumps the ball up in the air with his chest, in the direction from whence it came, and hammers it into the top far corner with his left foot. It’s at the World Cup; it’s a match winner, and, arguably best of all, Maxi is actually right footed. He later credited his grandfather for encouraging him to use both feet. 

But I think what does it for me is the power and the beautiful arc of the shot, that thrilling fraction of a second it takes to fly in.

Also, there is a special place in my heart reserved for chest-and-volley goals. For me, they’re the ultimate. When people fantasise about scoring a winning goal at a World Cup as a kid, it’s chest and volley they’re dreaming of, right? For any youngster who saw that Maxi Rodriguez effort, it must be.  You can watch that goal here.

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This is what I inevitably end up feeling like as an Everton fan on the day of a Merseyside Derby. A blur of black eyes, beige wall paper, and shattered hope. Perhaps only the melancholy of Hopper’s “Nighthawks” can rival it as an image of human despair.

This photograph was taken at the…

Derby day: can you name the year of all these shirts? #afc #thfc #everton #liverpool #arsenal #spurs #lfc #ynwa #efc

Shirt of the day: Arsenal, Adidas, 92 Goalkeeper shirt courtesy of Labwam

When you see this shirt you just think David Seaman.

Is this Arsenal’s greatest ever goalkeeper shirt ever?

Let us know on

Shirt of the day:  London Red, iwanttoworkfornike 

Ahead of Arsenal vs Manchester City here is another class design from the team at I want to work for Nike.  Simple, bold, classic.  

For those who don’t know about these guys. Nerea Palacios has crowd funded a campaign to design and create football shirts, designed by fans for fans.  

You can find out more here:

NEW KIT PREVIEW: Arsenal, Nike, 2013/14 (AWAY)

Arsenal, Nike, 2013/14 (Away)

Summary: So here it is. The final Arsenal football shirt offering from Nike. This season’s Arsenal 2013/14 away shirt evokes memories of better times for the North Londoners, with a tribute to all things Arsenal. The yellow shirt with blue collar is inspired by the Invincibles and the 1971 double team and the hooped socks are a tribute to the legend that is Herbert Chapman.

Makers: Nike

Inspired by: Herbert Chapman, The Invincibles, Dennis Bergkamp, Arsenal 1971 double team

Would suit: Fellaini, Higuain, Suzrez, Rooney

When to wear: Away from the Emirates

Where can I get one:  You can order the 2013/14 Arsenal kit here from Kitbag.

If you type code: AFF10 when spending over £100 you will receive £10 off.

What do you think of the kit? Let us know @thefootballsc

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What a player, what a shirt, what a goal.

Whoa.  A ripsnorter of a goal to start your Saturday morning courtesy of @bantemsbanter (and a couple of sick football shirt coming up)

The Football Shirt Collective - Arsenal

My favourite football shirt - Bantams Banter

My favourite football shirt - Darren Byfield

Forget Jim White.  Forget Chris Samba.  Forget David Beckham.  

I love this transfer deadline day video courtesy of @gunnerblog

My favourite football shirt - Michael Park @sawkernews

We caught up with Michael Park to talk Thierry Henry wonder goals, Le Coq Sportif shirts and Ronaldo.   

What was your first ever football shirt?

I’m a Kilmarnock fan but until I was 8, I was the recipient of many a hand-me-down Rangers shirt but the goalkeeper’s shirt from 1996/97 was the first one that was bought for me. 

Kilmarnock, Le Coq Spotif, 1996 

It was one of those Le Coq Sportif checkerboard affairs that were so popular in the mid-nineties with some pretty heavy duty elbow pads. I remember that the material was so thick and synthetic that it was almost impossible to wear if the ambient temperature was more than about 10 degrees but I adored it.

After extensive searching, this is the best photo that I could get my hands on. In this squad picture from 1996, the shirt’s worn not by my hero- Dragoje Lekovic- but by Colin Meldrum who is now a coach for Celtic’s youth ‘keepers. That’s got to be a worry for them.

What is your favourite football shirt? 

It took me a while to choose but when I thought back to the massive debt of gratitude I owe to James Richardson and Football Italia, I realised that there was only one answer. 

Inter Milan, Umbro, 1997

This was the first Inter shirt that Ronaldo wore and it seemed a little darker than Inter shirts before or since. They were a more ominous proposition that season; with Ronaldo they were like a juggernaut (even though they lost out to Juventus). 

Also, it was the last one before they dropped Umbro for Nike which was pretty much the death of interesting football shirts with Euro 2004 being the pinnacle of their lazy homogenous designs.

The beginning of the ‘golden age’ of Inter coupled with the glorious Pirelli logo, how could I not pick it?

What is your favourite goal?

It has to be Thierry Henry’s strike for Arsenal against Sparta Prague in 2005/06. The goal that would see him surpass Ian Wright’s goal tally and it said everything that needed to be said about Henry.

The long ball from Kolo Toure is immaculate and Henry manages to take Sparta’s entire back line out of the game with one deft touch of his heel allowing him to pull back and take his time.

You can see the defenders begin to realise what’s happening as they try to take up a decent position. Unfortunately when Henry’s about to caress it with the outside of his right foot, there aren’t any decent positions.

Poor buggers. You can see that goal here. 

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The Football Shirt Collective - My favourite football shirt

The Football Shirt Collective - Arsenal

What a kit?  What a goal?  Who remembers this beauty from Thierry Henry courtesy @sawkernews 

Arsenal, Adidas, 1992/3 - Steve Morrow’s arm

As Arsenal recently announced they are changing their kit makers from Nike to Adidas, Rob Hogg takes a look back at the classic Arsenal, 1992/3 shirt.  This kit is part of Beyond Retro’s Beyond the terraces collection.   

Thanks to a historic cup double, 92-93 was a jubilant season for Arsenal, even if there wasn’t much to talk about on the league front. After an opening day 2-0 lead over Norwich had been turned into a 4-2 defeat, ‘Gorgeous’ George Graham instilled some defensive discipline. The tactics subsequently relied on the famous Arsenal backline and, if possible, a goal from Ian Wright. The result was not many goals in, not many goals out, and not so many points either.

If anyone other than Wright poked their head above the parapet, there was hell to pay – as shown by what happened to Steve Morrow after getting ludicrously far forward in the Coca-Cola Cup Final against Sheffield Wednesday and hitting the winner. As a warning to other players thinking of doing the same, Tony Adams immediately broke Morrow’s arm.    

Steve Morrow and Tony Adam

Steve Morrow and Tony Adams

Following on from victory in the League Cup, further glory awaited in the FA Cup. This time it was Andy Linighan who put his body on the line by heading a dramatic 119th minute winner. Here’s the goal, with Linighan soaring like an eagle above the owls. In this case, it’s Paul Davis who does his best to strangle the potential goalscorer at birth – and is quickly joined by fellow teammates also thirsty for blood.

A double then, for the team from Highbury. Interestingly in their cup runs they scored a total of 33 goals, which was only 7 shy of the 40 they scored all season in the league. And there would be more cups the next season, this time finding glory in Europe against Parma, whilst wearing the same shirt.

On the team sheet front, the team (and George Graham’s bank balance) had been added to by a brace of Norwegian signings, Pal Lydersen and John Jensen.  Jensen, with 1 goal in 97 games, was almost the perfect Graham early 90s-era signing. 92-93 was also the last season for the long-serving David O’Leary who remains reasonably popular in North London, if not elsewhere.

Arsenal, Adidas, 1992/3

Arsenal, Adidas, 1992/3

And as for the shirt, this is a classic red and white design from back in the day when JVC still made video recorders, cup finals would be replayed on a weekday night, and it was no bad thing to sign an ineffective Norwegian fullback.

This shirt is one of Beyond Retro’s  collection of over 250 rare and exclusive football shirts dating back to the ‘70s.  Have a look at some of the shirts here.

You can see Beyond Retro’s collection in the flesh at the launch party on Tuesday 4th December at their Dalston store - where the shirts will be on show in all their glory.  

Did you have the Arsenal 1992/3 shirt?  Let us know on twitter @thefootballsc

You can buy the Arsenal, Adidas, 1992/3 shirt here.

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Premiership classics

Arsenal, Adidas, 1991 - Right to left to Limpar

Tottenham Hostspur, Hummel, 1986/7 - Ossie’s testimonial

Beyond Retros’ - Beyond the terraces collection

Arsenal, Adidas, 1991 - Right to Left to Limpar

This morning I did what I swear will be my last ever car boot sale.   As I  was shifting my old vacum cleaner to a Nigerian family, out of the corner of my eye I spotted 3 Adidas stripes a mist a mountain of clothes on the stall next to me.    

I had  no option but to purchase what was my first ever football shirt - the Arsenal, Adidas, 1991 kit.  

I loved this shirt.  The off red colour.  AFC embroidered in the collar.  Pretending to be Ander Limpar.

Arsenal, Adidas, 1991 - Arsenal football shirt

Arsenal Football Shirt, Adidas, 1991

In 1990/1 Arsenal won the league scoring 74 and only conceding 18 goals, losing just one game away at Chelsea.  

At the back George Graham’s well drilled defence were immense.  Seaman, Winterburn, Dixon, Adams and Bould were as good as it gets for a back 5.   Up front Alan Smith finished the season as top goal scorer with 23 goals - whilst Paul Merson (13) and Ander Limpar (12) got double figures from midfield.   

The Swedish winger signed from Cremonese and ended up winning Swedish player of the year.  I loved the guy.  I would pretend to be him playing Arsenal vs. Tottenham in the playground at school.  

I was 8 years old in the 1990/1 season and most of my memories are from the title winning video.  There are so many Martin Tyler sound bites, “Right to left to Limpar” , ”And he did that like the England full back he is”. 

The Arsenal team in 1991 had fight.  Forget Pizzagate, the 21 man brawl when Arsenal visited Manchester United was the real battle of Old Trafford.  After Winterburn went in a “committed” challenge on Brian McLair.  The Scottish midfielder along with Dennis Irwin went on to boot Winterburn in the back whilst on the floor.  There was history between the players and what ensued was a ruck involving pretty much every player on the pitch.  You can watch Winterburn gleefully talking about being booted by McLair here.  

So to the woman who was selling this Arsenal shirt amongst a mountain of clothes.  Thanks for the memories.

Mike Maxwell 

Is the Arsenal, Adidas, 1990 shirt the best Arsenal shirt ever?  Let us know on twitter @thefootballsc.   

You can buy the Arsenal, Adidas, 1991 kit here

My favourite football shirt - Le Grove

As Robin Van Persie’s time at Arsenal looks increasingly short lived, we spoke to Le Grove, who looks back on happier days and unique football kits. 

What was your first ever football shirt?

Now, I’m not sure if this was my first ever  but it was certainly the first one I can recall. It was the 1990-92 Arsenal goalkeeper shirt.  Made famous by David Seaman, and more so, Steve Harper. The shirt was not a snug fit,  it was about 2 sizes too big. This shirt sticks in the memory because it was also the first and only shirt I ruined climbing trees. The horror that the snags I had put in to my gift were irreparable, was a life lesson and a half.

What is your favourite ever football shirt?

My favourite every football shirt has to be the Arsenal 2001-02 gold away shirt. Why? Two reasons. Uniqueness and success.  It was the first time I’d ever seen a gold shirt. There was something classy about it. Something that encapsulated my gold plated feeling towards the team. Secondly, one of my favourite moments in football was watching us beat United at Old Trafford in 2002 to win the league. We were wearing that shirt. I was there.  Also wearing that shirt. Amazing.

Arsenal, Nike, 2001/2

Arsenal, Nike, 2001/2

What is your favourite ever goal?

For sheer wow factor, it has to be Thierry Henry’s wonder goal against Manchester United way back when.  He took the ball into feet from a simple Bobby Pires pass, flicked it up for himself, turned and fired his shot right over the head of Barthez.  Spectacular in every sense. An amazing player and I was there to enjoy that incredible moment in Arsenal history.

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