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My favourite football shirt - Kristan Heneage

We caught up with football writer Kristan Heneage to talk; fake England  shirts, Atalanta kits from Bergamo and Philippe Albert chips. 

What was your first ever football shirt?

My first ever football shirt was in fact an England shirt in the early 1990’s. I don’t think it was 100% authentic (see photo for why) but I treasured it. Looking back I really wish I still had it, to perhaps give to my own son/daughter but unfortunately it’s not to be.

I do remember getting the shirt around the time I was first allowed out to play in front of the house, and while my skills were nothing special, I remember kicking a ball back to my Dad in our front garden for what seemed like hours.


England, (fake), 1990 / Atalanta, (does anyone know the year and sponsor?)

What is your favourite ever football shirt?

I must confess of late I’ve become something of a kit fiend. While my collection only contains 4-5 actual purchases, I’ll often have a browse around the internet at shirts. However I think kits are often about memories you attach to them.

With that in mind I was given an old Atalanta shirt by a very good friend of mine last year. He was departing the UK to live with his new wife in Seattle and caught me off guard with the generosity. I knew it meant a lot to him, so to be willing to part with it meant a great deal, and it’s actually a wonderful shirt. A very soft material and what I imagine a young Ricardo Montolivo wore as he tore up the streets of Bergamo.

What is your favourite ever goal?

I think I will have to pick Philippe Albert’s goal against Manchester United. [NOTE:  funnily enough this was Pete Donaldson’s favourite goal also]. The game itself was incredibly surprising, but I’ve always admired a defender who can also play football.

In that sense he was very much a pioneer in modern English football I believe. Even now, when I re-watch, everything in my head expects him to power a shot at goal because it’s what everyone is demanding, to have such composure and confidence is amazing. A truly special goal.

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My favourite football shirt - Daniel Storey

We caught up with football writer Daniel Storey to talk; cards with grandpa, picnic tablecloth football shirts and Ronaldo finishes. 

What was your first ever football shirt?

I remember being about four or five years old, and already schooled in being a Nottingham Forest fan. My mum had seen the club’s glory days (you’ve probably heard one or two fans mention them), and used to leave me at various relations whilst she went to the odd away game or big Cup match.

I remember playing cards with my grandpa when my grandma came in from shopping with a Forest kit in hand. Would have been the Shipstones one from 1989/90 season, and I wore it for what felt like a week straight.

What is your favourite ever football shirt? 


Nottingham Forest, Umbro, 1989 / Nottingham Forest, Umbro, 1994 / Croatia, Lotto, 1996

In terms of personal selection, it would be the blue Nottingham Forest Labatt’s away shirt from 1994/6. It wasn’t particularly good looking, but is synonymous with a time at which football seemed all realised hopes and dreams. From the age of eight and ten whilst we had that kit Forest went from second tier to third in the Premier League and a UEFA Cup QF against Bayern Munich. Someone should have told me that life wasn’t always like that.

In terms of aesthetic perfection, I ‘d go for the Croatia national team shirt from Euro 96. I remember Nottingham being awash with that picnic tablecloth pattern with the Croatians playing group games at the City Ground, and instantly believing it to be the coolest thing around. I’m also huge fan of having the shirt number on the front middle of the shirt. It’s iconic without being over-marketed like the Italian or Brazil designs, for me.

What is your favourite football shirt?

Completely impossible, so I’ll say the three that I first thought of:

Stuart Pearce, England v Spain, Euro 96 - I wasn’t old enough during World Cup 90 to comprehend how crushing THAT penalty had been for Pearce, who was my favourite player growing up, but I knew enough by Euro 96 to be racked with nerves as Psycho stood up to take that penalty. I almost cried when it hit the back of the net, and even typing this now makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. Vindication and redemption for a man that never needed either in the eyes of Forest fans.

Ronaldo, Inter Milan v Lazio, UEFA Cup Final 1998 - I saw Ronaldo as the best player of my footballing development, and this goal just makes me giggle with glee watching it. The way he moves through on Marchegiani and confuses him two or three times without the ball even moving just summed up how dangerous a striker he was. Add to that the joy on his face whenever he scored and I’m signed up to the fan club.

Stan Collymore, Forest v Sheffield Wednesday, 1995 - Forest beat Sheffield Wednesday 7-1 on April Fool’s Day 1995, and the fifth goal summed up just how good we were at that time. Steve Stone hassling busily on the right hand side to win the ball, Bryan Roy running at players before laying the ball off, and Collymore cutting inside before drilling the ball low. I remember the home fans standing up to applaud the fifth, sixth and seventh goals that day, such was their quality.

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My favourite football shirt - Marcus Speller

We caught up with Marcus Speller of Football Ramble fame to talk classic England kits, the Lions of Cameroon and South American wonder goals.

What was your favourite football shirt?  

My first ever football shirt was the England 1990 home kit. That was when I got into football during the 1990 World Cup. I was very young and loved every kick of that tournament.

England actually went far and the white shirt they wore back then is probably the best the national team’s ever had.

What is your favourite ever football shirt?

This is a difficult one so some honorable mentions first.

I did like the Dutch home kit of 1988 and, as previously mentioned, the England one of 1990. I do like a River Plate shirt and also the lovely red and white stripes of Athletico Madrid in contrast to the blue shorts but I have to go back to Italia 90 once again.


Cameroon, 1990

The Lions of Cameroon made such an impression on that tournament and their shirt was magnificent too. They are one of my favourite teams of all time and played in the best kit I’ve ever seen. It even had a big yellow lion head on it. What more do you want?

What is your favourite ever goal?

This is even trickier than the previous question. I’m going to pick a few if I may. That goal Ronaldo scored for Barcelona against Compostela where he bursts past about 4 or 5 men like he’s a wild beast leaving Bobby Robson in sheer awe on the sidelines. Ronaldinho’s goal against Seville also for Barcelona where he picks up the ball in his own half, skips past two players and then thunders the ball in off the bar from about 30 yards. The Camp Nou couldn’t believe their luck. 

Paul Gascoigne’s volley against Scotland in Euro 96 will always hold a special place in any Englishman’s heart due to the setting and importance of it. To see an English player pull out a goal of that quality is a rare thing indeed and the celebration that followed was superb too.

I’ll finish with a Marcelo Salas goal for River Plate against Quito in the Copa Libertadores. The ball is played over to him but just too far in front. Salas with an outstretched right foot beautifully controls the ball in the air, shuffles his feet while under pressure from a defender and then unleashes a perfectly measured volley into the corner leaving the keeper helpless.

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My favourite football shirt - Sam Kelly

We caught up with Buenos Aires based football writer,  Sam Kelly to talk; football shirts Christmas presents, the red sash on white and amazing Argentina team goals.

What was your first ever football shirt?  

It was the 1993 / 94 Manchester United home shirt, with the black collar and the ‘watermark’ of Old Trafford filling the shirt.  By the time I got it, for Christmas 1993, it felt like everyone else at school had already had a football shirt for at least two years.

It was probably more like two months really - I was 9 - but it was quite a moment unwrapping it.

What is your favourite ever football shirt?  


River Plate, La Máquina, 1940’s

One of the reasons I always had a vague sense of liking River Plate (long before I ever even thought of coming to Argentina) was that red sash on white. When I first came down here, a decade ago, I was introduced to Argentine football by a River fan, and they have thus become my adopted club.

There’s so much choice with all of River’s old kits because it’s a classic design, but my favourite - just edging out the 1985 home shirt - is the home shirt from the 1940s, which you can see here modelled by the members of River’s legendary La Máquina (‘The Machine’) front line, along with some rather, erm, interestingly-cut shorts.

It’s an actual shirt, which I love - a proper button-up job - and what’s more, replicas of it are still sold today. It is simple, but unmistakable.

What is your favourite ever goal?

Sticking with the Argentine theme, I’m going to go with Esteban Cambiasso’s goal against Serbia & Montenegro in 2006. It is often forgotten now that that Serbia & Montenegro side had qualified for the World Cup by conceding just once in ten qualifying matches, and they had only lost narrowly to the Netherlands in their opening game.

I have heard people dismiss this goal as being ‘only against a poor side,’ but if there’s a reason people think Serbia & Montenegro were a poor side, it is that Argentina - and this goal in particular, only the second of the game and scored when the game was far from being over - made them look it.

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My favourite football shirt  

My favourite football shirt - Giancarlo Rinaldi

We caught up with Fiorentina loving football writer, Giancarlo Rinaldi to talk PE classes in Scotland, very itchy football shirts and Roberto Baggio wondergoals.

What was your first football shirt?

The first shirt I can remember was one which I bought while on family holidays in Italy. There was only one sports shop in the village and the owner’s eyes used to light up whenever we came to town. The strip was a long-sleeved purple Fiorentina top with the badges provided separately which my mother had to iron on when we got back to Scotland.

From memory, it was one of the most uncomfortable shirts I ever had, very itchy due to the material it was made from and almost unbearable when you started to warm up during a game. Nonetheless, I wore it with pride, particularly when my PE teacher examined it and said: “Fiorentina? Who the hell are Fiorentina?”. That just made me all the more determined to wear it as often as I could.

What is your favourite football shirt?
Fiorentina - 1980s classic football shirt

It has to be a Viola shirt and one of my favourites was an early 1980s edition in the pioneering days of sponsorship. The logos were getting bigger and bolder but I don’t think I ever saw a club badge used more prominently than the season when clothing company JD Farrows had a deal with Fiorentina. It was an absolutely gigantic interpretation of their classic Giglio (fleur-de-lis) emblem. For many it’s probably a monstrosity but it reminds me of the first seasons the club came pre-season training in the little village my family is from in Tuscany.

It was the first time I clapped eyes on players like Antognoni, Francesco Graziani, Daniel Bertoni and Daniele Massaro. It also happened to be the closest the club ever got to winning the league in my lifetime - losing out on the final day of the campaign.

What is your favourite ever goal?

I think my favourite goal, at the moment, is one a young Roberto Baggio scored for Fiorentina against Diego Maradona’s Napoli at the San Paolo. It was his farewell season in Florence and the Viola ended up losing the game but that only increases the bittersweet magic of the strike against one of the toughest defences in Serie A at the time.

He picks up the ball midway inside his own half and has a little look over his shoulder to see if it is safe to set off on a run. He dashes into the space in front of him, avoids two desperate attempts to tackle him or bring him down and then gets one on one with the goalkeeper. That’s when he shows what a special player he was by dumping the goalie on his behind before calmly rounding him and rolling the ball into the net. Still get goosebumps when I watch it now.

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My favourite football shirt - The Celtic Shirt

As Celtic launch their new kit for 2013/14 we caught up with Stuart McDonnell of The Celtic Shirt to talk Paul McStay, beating Barcelona and hailing Henrik.

What was you first football shirt?

My 1st Celtic shirt was the mid 80’s Celtic home shirt which came as part of the old Umbro replica kit box.

Hooped shirt with the foam crest, white shorts and the accompanying socks…. A young Bhoys dream!

Armed with a Mitre mouldmaster and a set of goals set up in the back garden, I thought I was the maestro, Paul McStay

2. What is your favourite football shirt?


Tony Watt football shirt - Celtic, Nike, 2012/13

So many favourite shirts to mention and it changes on a weekly basis, but just now it’s Tony Watt’s match worn shirt v Barcelona.

No-one will ever forget the night we beat, arguably the best team in the world, 2-1, with Watt coming of the bench to score the crucial second goal. With that strike, the youngster wrote his name into the history books.

It’s an honour to have this fantastic shirt in the Celtic Shirt kit room and one that conjures up so many happy memories from the beating of Barca.

With it being our 125th anniversary, it makes that shirt very special in my eyes.

3. What is your favourite goal?

Got to be Henrik’s goal in the 2nd leg of the 2003 Uefa Cup Semi Final v Boavista.  You can watch that goal here.

Our 2002/2003 European run is etched into every Celtic fans memory. Round after round we kept progressing and to reach the final was absolutely fantastic.

I’m lucky enough own Henrik’s match worn shirt from that game and it’s currently on display inside Celtic Park in honour of our European run from that season.

You can follow the Celtic Shirt on twitterfacebook or via their website.

If you have a favourite football shirt let us know on twitter at thefootballsc.

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My favourite football shirt - Amy Lawrence

We caught up with football writer Amy Lawrence to talk fancy dress competitions, vintage Milan kits and falling off the sofa watching George Weah.  

What was your first ever football shirt? 

My first football shirt was a mid-1970s Arsenal home shirt. It had classic simplicity - red, with white sleeves and trim, cannon, that’s it. The full kit came with huge, billowing Alex James style shorts and red socks. I was around 5 years old, and recall wearing it to a fancy dress party.

It was not the most inventive outfit compared to some of the others on show (although you didn’t find many 5 year old girls pretending to be footballers in those days). But I won the fancy dress contest, purely because the judge was an Arsenal fan. Some of those with glitzier costumes were not impressed.

What is your favourite ever football shirt?

Hmmm. I’ll go for AC Milan of the mid-late 80s. During an era when English clubs were banned from Europe in the aftermath of the Heysel disaster, and few foreign matches were televised, Serie A’s glamour was striking.

That Milan vintage, with the likes of Marco van Basten, Franco Baresi et al resplendent in silky red and black stripes, had quite an aura. 


AC Milan, Adidas, 1980’s

What is your favourite goal? 

Impossible to pick one. So here are a few. George Weah’s virtuoso goal versus Verona (1996) has stuck in my mind ever since I watched it on Channel 4 and it made me actually fall off the sofa. He picked up the ball in his own penalty area, sashaying the entire length of pitch, past a string of opponents, to score. Such power and elegance.

As for goals I saw in the flesh, all my favourites seem to be as memorable for their intense drama as their skill in execution. Michael Thomas winning the league in stoppage time at Anfield (1989) is a personal choice.

also loved Fabio Grosso’s goal in the Germany v Italy World Cup semi-final (2006), Dennis Bergkamp’s for Holland against Argentina in the World Cup (1998), and Zinedine Zidane’s strike to take France into the European Championship final late into extra time against Portugal (2000). In crazy circumstances he proved that even a penalty can be awe inspiring. 

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My favourite football shirt - Craig Easton

We got in touch with Torquay footballer, Craig Easton - who is doing a great feature on his blog about his favourite football kits - to talk Kenny Dalglish, HITACHI and poorly lit motorways.  You check out his blog here.  

What was your first ever football shirt?

The very first kit I ever owned was the Liverpool home shirt from 1979-82 as worn by my boyhood hero Kenny Dalglish and my Dad’s favourite player, Graeme Souness.  I was only 4 when my parents bought it for me on the way back from our holiday in Cornwall and my Mum even sewed King Kenny’s iconic number 7 on the back.


Liverpool, Umbro, 1979-82

It’s a simple design but it just looks so cool and was a kit synonymous with success. The Liverpool team of that era were untouchable, winning League Championships, League Cups and European Cups in one of the clubs most successful spells. Everything about it oozes class, firstly it’s made by Umbro with their logo and the simple liver bird club badge sewn in golden yellow.

Then you’ve got the sponsor, Hitachi (the Japanese electronics company) emblazoned across the chest in white block capitals. Liverpool were the first ever club in history to have a commercial sponsor on their jersey’s and they didn’t muck about. I love the way it looks and I used to liked the sound of the word when I was little.

When Souness smashed one of his 25 yard blockbusters into the top bin and then turned around to celebrate, it was like HITACHI! Take a bit of that! There is one negative though; the material. I don’t know what it was made from but I can only describe it as being a nipple burner. After three hours running about pretending to be Kenny Dalglish, I’ve got to say there was a fair bit of chaffing and even a spot of blood on more than one occasion, but it was well worth it.

What is your favourite ever football shirt?



Borussia Dortmund, Nike, 1997

Die Continental, who sponsored Borussia Dortmund for just over a decade from 1986 until their European Cup victory in ’97, are a German health Insurance giant. And whilst that might be quite a bland sponsor, the symbol was anything but – and neither were the players who wore it.  Matthias Sammer, Andreas Möller, Karl-Heinz Riedle were all some of my favourite German players from the early 90s, but after Denmark’s shock win at the 1992 European Championships, I had a special admiration for a talented attacking Dane called Flemming Povlsen.  

Ally that to the fact that you wouldn’t miss the kit on a poorly lit motorway in the middle of the night, and I couldn’t wait to spend my pocket money.  I mean, it’s luminous yellow, how good is that!

Over the years Borussia Dortmund have never strayed from their famous bright yellow and black colours, and even though I don’t think the subsequent sponsors have had quite the same visual impact as the big, black C, the club’s colours make the famous ‘Yellow Wall’ inside Signal Iduna Park an amazing spectacle to behold.

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The Football Shirt Collective - My favourite football shirt

My favourite football shirt - World Cup Legends

We caught up with Amar from World Cup Legends to talk; Maradona, Argentina 1986 football shirts and Cantona chips.  Amar is on a mission to get find 11 World Cup winners to sign his collection of of Adidas World Cup Matchballs from 1970-2010.

What was your first kit?

I think it was a Manchester United Shirt from the early 90s. I actually don’t remember having any footy shirts as a kid, but I had a lot of footballs (hence the World Cup Legends challenge).

What is your favourite kit and why?

My favourite kit is the Argentina, Le Coq Sportif one from World Cup 86. It was the first World Cup that I remember from growing up and Maradona was one of my childhood footballing heroes.  

Argentina, Le Coq Sportif, 1986

What is your favourite goal?

It is hard to think of one favourite but a goal that is up there is the Eric Cantona chip against Sunderland. Turns two players, a one two with Brian McClair followed by a lob over the keeper, sublime goal!  You can watch that goal here.

Keep up with the World Cup Legends challenge here.

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My favourite football shirt – Dan Walker

Ahead of the BBC Football Focus football shirt special on Saturday 6th April we caught up with Dan Walker about football shirt cushions, Tony Vessey and shinning volleys.

What was your first ever football shirt?

My 1st ever shirt was the Spurs FA cup shirt of 1981. My Dad was a Spurs fan and tried to brainwash me from an early age but I turned my back on him and went for my home team of Crawley Town instead. 

What is your favourite ever football shirt?

I have recently had a few old kits turned into cushions but my wife has already chucked them in the attic.

I caused a bit of a mini riot at our school when I turned up in a green German second strip in the 1990’s but my top kit would be my Crawley Town shirt with ‘Vessey’ on the back – that’s club legend ‘Tony Vessey’ by the way.

Crawley Town, Tony Vessey with the memorial trophy (source:

What is your favourite goal?

Now that is a tough one. It changes all the time but my favourite player is Zinedine Zidane so I’ll go for his volley to win the Champions League Final for Real Madrid at Hampden Park in 2002. 

I tried one of those once and I shinned it straight in the air but the French master made it look like a doddle.  You can watch that goal here.  

If you have a favourite football shirt let us know on twitter @thefootballsc.

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My favourite football shirt - Dom @BantamsBanter

Ahead of Bradford City’s historic Capital One Cup final at Wembley tomorrow we caught up with Dom from Bantams Banter to talk Bergkamp flicks, 80’s PR attempts and Euro 96.

1.  What is your first ever football shirt? 

Bradford City’s 1987-88 made by Admiral. ‘Bradford Great City’ seems to be some sort of PR attempt rather than a sponsor. I’m not sure there’s a Bradford City fan on the planet that knows what or why it’s on the shirt.


Bradford City, Admiral, 1987/8

2. What is your favourite ever football shirt?  

My favourite ever football shirt is probably more for sentimental reasons than for it’s beautiful design. The Umbro, Euro ‘96 England shirt was not only my first England shirt but represents a time when I fell in love with game. Euro 96 had it all for England, joy, surprises, great goals, great individual performances (Shearer, Gazza) OTT outpouring of emotion (Pearce) and disappointment. This shirt holds all of this within it’s chunky threads.


England, Umbro, 1996

The pictured version is one I acquired a few years ago, I added the badges and had signed by Stuart Pearce. A prized possession.

3. What is your favourite ever goal?

Dennis Bergkamp’s wonderful flick of the ball and turn around Dabizas in 2002 was nothing short of witchcraft. Never have I seen a goal scored with such elegance and such unworldly skills. It’s topped off by his response to a reporter who asked ‘Did you mean to do it?’ to which Bergkamp responded ‘Of course I did.’ Class.  You can watch the goal here.

Got a shirt you would like to share.  Let us know @thefootballsc.

Watch Dom and Tom - Let’s Get Ready for Wembley video here.

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The Football Shirt Collective - England

My favourite football shirt - Michael Park @sawkernews

We caught up with Michael Park to talk Thierry Henry wonder goals, Le Coq Sportif shirts and Ronaldo.   

What was your first ever football shirt?

I’m a Kilmarnock fan but until I was 8, I was the recipient of many a hand-me-down Rangers shirt but the goalkeeper’s shirt from 1996/97 was the first one that was bought for me. 

Kilmarnock, Le Coq Spotif, 1996 

It was one of those Le Coq Sportif checkerboard affairs that were so popular in the mid-nineties with some pretty heavy duty elbow pads. I remember that the material was so thick and synthetic that it was almost impossible to wear if the ambient temperature was more than about 10 degrees but I adored it.

After extensive searching, this is the best photo that I could get my hands on. In this squad picture from 1996, the shirt’s worn not by my hero- Dragoje Lekovic- but by Colin Meldrum who is now a coach for Celtic’s youth ‘keepers. That’s got to be a worry for them.

What is your favourite football shirt? 

It took me a while to choose but when I thought back to the massive debt of gratitude I owe to James Richardson and Football Italia, I realised that there was only one answer. 

Inter Milan, Umbro, 1997

This was the first Inter shirt that Ronaldo wore and it seemed a little darker than Inter shirts before or since. They were a more ominous proposition that season; with Ronaldo they were like a juggernaut (even though they lost out to Juventus). 

Also, it was the last one before they dropped Umbro for Nike which was pretty much the death of interesting football shirts with Euro 2004 being the pinnacle of their lazy homogenous designs.

The beginning of the ‘golden age’ of Inter coupled with the glorious Pirelli logo, how could I not pick it?

What is your favourite goal?

It has to be Thierry Henry’s strike for Arsenal against Sparta Prague in 2005/06. The goal that would see him surpass Ian Wright’s goal tally and it said everything that needed to be said about Henry.

The long ball from Kolo Toure is immaculate and Henry manages to take Sparta’s entire back line out of the game with one deft touch of his heel allowing him to pull back and take his time.

You can see the defenders begin to realise what’s happening as they try to take up a decent position. Unfortunately when Henry’s about to caress it with the outside of his right foot, there aren’t any decent positions.

Poor buggers. You can see that goal here. 

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The Football Shirt Collective - My favourite football shirt

The Football Shirt Collective - Arsenal

My favourite football shirt - James Dart

We caught up with the guardian’s James Dart to talk dull Everton kits, effortlessly cool Italian shirts and a couple of magnificent Sinclair goals.  

What was your first ever football shirt?

Everton, Umbro

Everton, Umbro

This Everton monstrosity. While being born into the misery that is supporting Plymouth Argyle, a short-lived top-flight glory-supp … soft spot was reserved for Lineker and co. Possibly out of sympathy for this kit.

What is your favourite ever football shirt?
Sampdoria, Asics, 1990/1
Sampdoria 1990-91, Asics

The blue, the badge, the collar, the maker and even the sponsor. Effortlessly cool.

What is your favourite ever goal?  

In the flesh, Scott Sinclair flying down Underhill for Plymouth vs. Barnet. On television, Trevor Sinclair. The outward curl of the stood-up cross is often overlooked as to just how hard it was to score from that position.

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My favourite football shirt

Everton, Umbro, 1993/4 - Panic in the Boardroom

Trevor Sinclair goal 

Scott Sinclair goal 

My favourite football shirt - Iain MacIntosh

We caught up with journalist and author of Football Manager stole my life, Iain MacIntosh to talk classic Liverpool kits, Southend “splat” shirts and being Cantona. 

What was your first ever football shirt?

Weirdly, I’m told that my first shirt was a West Ham top bought for me by my uncle, but I have absolutely no memory of it. Apparently, he was trying to lure me to the dark side while I was too young to protest, but thankfully he failed. Like most young boys in the home counties during the 1980s, I was a Liverpool fan because they were always on the telly, but the first shirt I remember owning was an Ipswich top. I bought it from a jumble sale (kids, think eBay, but live and with loads of old ladies) for 20p. It was royal blue with white pin-stripes and had  ’Pioneer’ written over the front. Every time it went through the wash, a little bit more of the sponsor fell off, as if the washing machine was making its own small protest against the commericalisation of football. 

What was your favourite ever football shirt? 

I had an old Brechin City shirt for some reason in the mid-90s and that was superb. The badge looked like it was a competition entry from a primary school and the material felt like a hot water bottle cover. I think I must have been one of only about 200 people to have that shirt. Including the Brechin City players. That *just* beats my Southend ‘splat’ shirt of 1997, a horrific blue shirt with an explosion of yellow across the centre. It looked like a canary had flown into your torso at Mach Two. 

Southend United Football Club, 1997

Southend United Football Club, 1997 #splat

What is your favourite ever goal?

Eric Cantona’s famous goal for Manchester United against Sunderland. The ball took about ten minutes to go from his boot to the back of the net and he was never in any doubt about it at all. He just stood there, looking over his Kingdom, taking it all in.

I was trying to articulate my feelings about Cantona on Twitter the other day and it ended up getting completely misconstrued with loads of people frantically telling me that Henry scored more goals, or that Messi is much better, or that he didn’t win a European trophy. They all missed the point of Cantona completely. He wasn’t a footballer. I’m not entirely convinced that he was a human. He was just…Cantona. He existed on a higher plane, he transcended actual achievements just by being…Cantona. And that goal just encapsulated his career in England. 

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My favourite football shirt - Max Rushden

We caught up with Soccer AM’s Max Rushden to talk classic Cambridge kits, Holsten Spurs shirts and Lee Philpott’s right foot.

What was your first ever football shirt?

Cambridge United, late 80s, Nike.  Classic yellow with black trim.  Sponsored by Lynfox.  I have got no idea what they do.  [If anyone knows what Lynfox do - let us know on twitter @thefootballsc]

Cambridge United, Nike, 1986

Cambridge United, Nike, 1986

What is your favourite ever football shirt? 

My Dad is a big Spurs fan and put me in the hummel, Holsten kit with the thin stripes down the top.  Hoddle looked great in that…

What is your favourite ever goal?

This is tough.  Lee Philpott’s volley for Cambridge United vs Bristol City in the FA Cup 5th Round replay.  It was the only time he kicked the ball with his right foot in years at the abbey.  You can watch that volley here.  

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