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Shirt of the day: Sunderland, Hummel, 1991-94 courtesy of @philanderson99

Lets make something clear.  Very clear.  We love Hummel shirts on the Football Shirt Collective.  This Sunderland shirt from 1994 is another classic.  Simple design with the pointed black arrows on the sleeve.  Classic.  

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Another classic kit courtesy of Alex Roberts.  3 stars above the crest, green sleeves and a massive collar.  Even if it does also remind me Dietmar Hamann’s goal for Germany vs. England at Wembley.  

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Shirt of the day: VFL Bochum, Faber, 1998 courtesy of @brad147690 

NEW KIT PREVIEW: Bayern Munich, Adidas, 2013/4


Shirt of the day:  Sampdoria, Asics, 1994/5 courtesy of the Beyond Retro “Beyond the Terraces” exhibition

What an epic shirt.  Draw string collar, the badge, the colours.  As James Dart says it is "effortlessly cool".  This Sampdoria, Asics shirt is so nostalic.  It just brings back memories of James Richardson on Football Italia on a Sunday afternoon.  

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Shirt of the day:  Tottenham Hotspur, Hummel, 1990/1 courtesy of @Alexeroberts

We love Hummel kits on the Football Shirt Collective.  Denmark, Spurs even Real Madrid have all had shirts created by the Danish shirt makers.  And who can blame them.  Hummel kits are classic and often get a shout out in our “my favourite football shirt" pieces. 

This Spurs kit from Alex Roberts sums up all that was good about hummel.  Arrowed stripes on the sleeve, V neck collar and patterned polyester.  Quite frankly immense.  

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Shirt of the day: Bayern Munich, Adidas, 2005/6 courtesy of @kseidler1

What happens when you combine Bayern Munich fan, Gerd Müller the Bayern training ground and a Michael Ballack shirt?  

You guessed it: a Gerd Müller signed Bayern Munich - Michael Ballack shirt.   The most Bayern Munich, Bayern Munich shirt ever.  

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NEW KIT PREVIEW: Bayern Munich, Adidas, 2013/14


SHIRT OF THE DAY: Swindon, Diamond, Away courtesy of @alexeroberts.

We love random green football shirts on the Football Shirt Collective and this Swindon offering is no exception.  It reminds me of this Real Betis art deco kappa kit.  

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Nigeria - Collar, dollar bills

Germany, Adidas, 1992

Shirt of the day: Manchester United, Umbro, 1992-4 and Adidas, 1990 - 92

On the day that Phil Neville returns to Old Trafford as part of the David Moyes back room staff we have two classic Manchester United kits from the early 90’s courtesy of @GavinC85.

Shirts of the day:

  • Manchester United, Umbro, 1992-94  (Left)
  • Manchester United, Adidas, 1990-92 (Right)

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Manchester United, Nike, 2013/14

My favourite football shirt - Annie Eaves

You can order the 2013/14 Manchester Unit kit here.

Shirt of the day: Nantes, Patrick courtesy of @

If you have a Nantes shirt you would like to share?  Let us know on twitter @thefootballsc

Shirt of the day:  Sheffield United, Umbro, 1992-94 courtesy of @korkersp and @wretchedascrisp

This Sheffield United bad boy (modelled here by Jostein Flo) has been called out on the Football Shirt Collective a couple of times recently.  

What do you think of football shirts with laces on them?  Let us know on twitter @thefootballsc

Shirt of the day:  PSG, Nike, 1996/7 courtesy of @LutonOranje 

Who remembers this classic PSG kit, as worn by Rai, Leonardo and a young Bruno N’Gotty et al.

How do you think it compares to the 2007 PSG kit?

Shirt of the day:  Flamengo, Adidas, 1981 courtesy of @jj__williams 

Collar. Check.  Retro. Check. Iconic. Check.  Brilliant kit.

Funnilly enough this Flamengo kit is Fernando Duarte’s favourite football shirt

Where can I get one?:  Subside have a pretty nifty 1995/6 Flamengo shirt you can order here.

Shirt of the day: River Plate, Adidas, 1999 (Pablo Aimar) courtesy of @johnnybvby

"My uncle hooked me up w a match worn Pablo #Aimar jersey from 99’.  #priceless #RiverPlate #Millionario"

We at the Football Shirt Collective say yes!  

Crystal Palace, Butka, 1990

The Eagles have a history of turning up to Wembley and winning. In the 1990-91 season they thumped Everton 4-1 in the Zenith Data Systems Cup.

The shirt they wore was an absolute classic, made by Butka who at one time dominated both sides of the Atlantic. (Above is the Palace diagonal striped away number that is on sale at Beyond Retro).

One of Butka's more famous creations was this Rochester Lancers number from the North American Soccer League.

The Palace shirt suited this connection, sponsored as it was by Virgin Airlines. The big, bold stripes defined a team that knew where it was going and was determined to get there.

It wasn’t just in the ZDS that Palace had success. They also finished third in the league, their highest ever placing. They were captained by Geoff Thomas who after his career finished, became afflicted with leukaemia, from which he has thankfully recovered. Back in those days, England used to beat France, even when players such as Thomas were up to things like this

As for the goals, they came from Mark Bright and Ian Wright. Palace were  a formidable force, until chairman Ron Noades made some daft comments about black players in a Channel 4 documentary and immediately alienated the entire dressing room. Things quickly fell apart for the Eagles.

But before that, there were glory days.

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Watford, Le Coq Sportif, 1999

Bayern Munich, Adidas, 2013 preview

My favourite football shirt - Craig Easton

Shirt of the day: England, Umbro, Beckham courtesy of @shindles5 #beckham #becks #england

Shirt of the day: Wigan Athletic (Boyce) courtesy of @phillips_matty #facup

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