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My favourite football shirt - Patrick Clarke

Peru and Pedro Mendes.  We spoke to football shirt guru Patrick Clarke - @footballshirts1 about his favourite football shirt and big goals.

What is your favourite ever goal?

An old gold Wolverhampton Wanderers shirt from about 1969.

What is your favourite ever football shirt? 

Peru, Adidas, 1970

Looking at the examples already on your blog, I would go with the 1970 Peru shirt too.  

[Phillipe Auclair’s favourite football shirt]

They were a very charismatic side, always playing with great panache and were only stopped by the ultimate winners, Brazil in the quarter-finals, another of my favourite sides.

What was your first ever football shirt? 

My favourite ever goal was a screamer from Pedro Mendes for Portsmouth v Manchester City to win a crucial relegation battle. It rocketed into the net from 25 yards out and I was right in line with him when he struck it and saw it all the way into the net.

It was virtually the last kick of the game and clinched a 2-1 victory for Portsmouth to virtually guarantee survival that year.

The crowd roared but I remained silent, studying the referee and linesman intently as I was sure this was too good to be true and some reason would be found to disallow it. When I saw the goal was going to be allowed I then roared so loudly that I couldn’t speak properly for about half an hour!

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My favourite football shirt - Philippe Auclair

We caught up with France Football’s Philippe Auclair who revealed his favourite ever football shirt.  Did it inspire Sweden’s Euro 2012 offering?  

What was your first football shirt?

Finding club shirts was impossible in France until quite recently (make that reasonably recently), otherwise I guess I’d have got the 1976 green St Etienne one, like everybody else.

I had to wait until I came to England. Even then, I didn’t buy into the idea of wearing a jersey I could never dream of putting on by right. I finally relented in 2006, yes, that late, to play five-a-side at Highbury just before the bulldozers moved in. It had to be an Arsenal shirt, and it was that season’s so-called ‘cherry’ home kit.

What is your favourite football shirt?  
Peru, Adidas, 1970


The 1970 World Cup Peru strip. I have a thing  about the sash thing (I love that Sweden away shirt at the current European Championships).

Red and white, classic, classy.

Not a bad team either.

Peru, Adidas, 1970

What is your favourite goal?

In terms of raw emotion, Henry’s bulldozing run through half of Real Madrid at the Bernabeu in the 2005-06 Champions League and Clint Dempsey’s tie-decider for Fulham against Juve in the Europa League.  In both cases, I forgot press-box etiquette and celebrated wildly.

In terms of sheer beauty, Raul’s goal to make it 3-0 in the 3-2 win by Real Madrid at Old Trafford in April 2000. What I regret is that clips of this goal never include the first telling pass in that move, a lovely scoop by Steve McManaman to send Redondo - one of my all-time favourite players - racing on the left flank. The rest, the ‘forward back-heel’ past Henning Berg, the measured cross, Raul’s perfect run and ‘easy’ finish, everyone knows about.

Philippe - we too love the diagonal sash and thanks for reminding us of Redondo’s “forward back heel”.  What a player.  And what a football shirt.   

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