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Shirt of the day:  Ajax, Umbro, 1996 courtesy of Robert Playle.

Who remembers this Ajax, goalkeeper shirt courtesy of Robert Playle on our Facebook page.  

As England prepare to play San Marino at Wembley here is an awesome England, Umbro, 1986 shirt courtesy of @mcfc_shirts.

It was worn by a Manchester City player in 1986. Can you guess who?

Shirt of the day:  Inter Milan, (Umbro - Nike) 1996 - 2013 courtesy of angelotrofa 

What a tribute to the Inter Milan Capitano!

A design of every home kit worn by Javier Zanetti for Internazionale Milano from 1996 - 2013, but which one is your favourite?  

I think mine are the Umbro offerings as they remind me of Ronaldo.

Let us know on twitter

Ahead of the Merseyside derby here is a great Liverpool, Umbro, 82 shirt courtesy of marconerli 

We at the Football Shirt Collective love a pin stripe on a football shirt.  Especially on this kit as the pin dissects the Umbro logo and Liverpool crest.

Is this Liverpool’s greatest ever away kit?  Let us know on twitter:

Shirt of the day: Newcastle United, Umbro courtesy of Neil Stokoe

Is it the end for Pardew? He looks like a broken man. As St James Park prepares for a massive protest here are a couple of classic Newcastle United kits courtesy of Neil Stokoe.

Which is the better kit? Let us know on

Shirt of the day:  Scotland, Umbro, 1990

As Scotland prepares to vote Yes or No here is another classic kit courtesy of marconerli.

If you have a shirt to share let us know on

Is this the Tartan Army’s greatest ever kit?

Ahead of a cracking favourite football shirt article, coming up tomorrow, here is Gary Lineker scoring for England against Germany in the 1990 World Cup semi-final.  

To quote the article; “Gary Lineker’s goal against Germany in 1990 World Cup semi-final … encapsulated everything that was great about my boyhood hero. A sniff of a chance and he drilled it into the bottom corner.”

Here is some more information about that England, 1990, Umbro shirt that Lineker made famous:

England (Umbro) 1990 - Love got the world in motion

David Platt - England vs. Belgium

What a goal. What a volley. What a kit.  If you think of Italia 90,this England volley always comes to mind.  Is the Umbro 1990 kit England’s best ever?

Shirt of the day: Manchester United, Umbro, 1992-4 and Adidas, 1990 - 92

On the day that Phil Neville returns to Old Trafford as part of the David Moyes back room staff we have two classic Manchester United kits from the early 90’s courtesy of @GavinC85.

Shirts of the day:

  • Manchester United, Umbro, 1992-94  (Left)
  • Manchester United, Adidas, 1990-92 (Right)

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Here are some other kits we thought you might like:

The Football Shirt Collective - MUFC

Manchester United, Nike, 2013/14

My favourite football shirt - Annie Eaves

You can order the 2013/14 Manchester Unit kit here.

Shirt of the day:  Inter Milan, Umbro, 1993/4 courtesy of @Lennytwentytwo 

Any football shirt with a diagonal stripe is ok by us at the football shirt collective.  This Umbro, Inter Milan shirt from 1993 is a classic as worn by Bergkamp, Sosa, Festa et al.  White, gold star and a blue and black diagonal stripe.  What’s not to like.  

Is this the best football shirt with a diagonal stripe?  Let us know @thefootballsc

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Shirt of the day - Rive Plate, Adidas, 1999

Crystal Palace, Bukta, 1990

Democratic Republic of Congo

Shirt of the day:  Sheffield United, Umbro, 1992-94 courtesy of @korkersp and @wretchedascrisp

This Sheffield United bad boy (modelled here by Jostein Flo) has been called out on the Football Shirt Collective a couple of times recently.  

What do you think of football shirts with laces on them?  Let us know on twitter @thefootballsc

Norway, Umbro, 1998 - Bandy Egil Olsen

Norway were traditionally the weakest of the Scandinavian boys – that was until Egil ‘Drillo’ Olsen took over. He led them to what would historically be calculated as 2nd in the Fifa world rankings with a style of football that some might call ‘to-the-point’.

As a sort of reverse Brendan Rogers, Olsen believed that breaking through ‘established defences’ was almost impossible, so you might as well stick a big lad on the wing and get it up to him (Jostein Flo). Flo, mocked the traditional size of winger, all whilst looking like a sort of Norwegian David Coulthard.

As a logical progression, Olsen believed that the best way to score was against non-established defences, with rapid, direct counter attacks. This all culimated in a not very exciting to watch 4-5-1 formation that saw Norway beat team after team, much to everyone’s annoyance. Not wanting to dwell on what the Norwegians did to England in the 80s or 90s, let’s concentrate on this shirt from 1998 when they beat the not-so-to-the-point lads from Brazil, 2-1.  Watch it here.  

The top is a classic 98 style with ‘Norge’ printed on the trim for unknown reasons. It’s quite similar to the other Umbro shirt of the time, as worn by England.

Football shirt:  Norway, Umbro, 1998

Olsen is now back in charge of Norway. Interestingly, he used to be (and possibly still is) a Communist, as well as being a formidable bandy player. What’s bandy, you ask? This is bandy!

Where can I get one?  You can order the 2012/13 Norway kit here.

Here are some other kits we thought you might like:

Norway vs Brazil - France 1998

Israel, Adidas football shirt

The Football Shirt Collective - Umbro

My favourite football shirt - Craig Easton

We got in touch with Torquay footballer, Craig Easton - who is doing a great feature on his blog about his favourite football kits - to talk Kenny Dalglish, HITACHI and poorly lit motorways.  You check out his blog here.  

What was your first ever football shirt?

The very first kit I ever owned was the Liverpool home shirt from 1979-82 as worn by my boyhood hero Kenny Dalglish and my Dad’s favourite player, Graeme Souness.  I was only 4 when my parents bought it for me on the way back from our holiday in Cornwall and my Mum even sewed King Kenny’s iconic number 7 on the back.


Liverpool, Umbro, 1979-82

It’s a simple design but it just looks so cool and was a kit synonymous with success. The Liverpool team of that era were untouchable, winning League Championships, League Cups and European Cups in one of the clubs most successful spells. Everything about it oozes class, firstly it’s made by Umbro with their logo and the simple liver bird club badge sewn in golden yellow.

Then you’ve got the sponsor, Hitachi (the Japanese electronics company) emblazoned across the chest in white block capitals. Liverpool were the first ever club in history to have a commercial sponsor on their jersey’s and they didn’t muck about. I love the way it looks and I used to liked the sound of the word when I was little.

When Souness smashed one of his 25 yard blockbusters into the top bin and then turned around to celebrate, it was like HITACHI! Take a bit of that! There is one negative though; the material. I don’t know what it was made from but I can only describe it as being a nipple burner. After three hours running about pretending to be Kenny Dalglish, I’ve got to say there was a fair bit of chaffing and even a spot of blood on more than one occasion, but it was well worth it.

What is your favourite ever football shirt?



Borussia Dortmund, Nike, 1997

Die Continental, who sponsored Borussia Dortmund for just over a decade from 1986 until their European Cup victory in ’97, are a German health Insurance giant. And whilst that might be quite a bland sponsor, the symbol was anything but – and neither were the players who wore it.  Matthias Sammer, Andreas Möller, Karl-Heinz Riedle were all some of my favourite German players from the early 90s, but after Denmark’s shock win at the 1992 European Championships, I had a special admiration for a talented attacking Dane called Flemming Povlsen.  

Ally that to the fact that you wouldn’t miss the kit on a poorly lit motorway in the middle of the night, and I couldn’t wait to spend my pocket money.  I mean, it’s luminous yellow, how good is that!

Over the years Borussia Dortmund have never strayed from their famous bright yellow and black colours, and even though I don’t think the subsequent sponsors have had quite the same visual impact as the big, black C, the club’s colours make the famous ‘Yellow Wall’ inside Signal Iduna Park an amazing spectacle to behold.

If you have a favourite football shirt, let us know on twitter @thefootballsc

Order your vintage Liverpool shirt here

Order your Borussia Dortmund here

Read Craig Easton’s blog  here

The Football Shirt Collective - My favourite football shirt

Shirt of the day: England, Umbro, Beckham courtesy of @shindles5 #beckham #becks #england

What a goal.  What a shirt.  What a collar.  The Cantona chip vs. Sunderland.

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