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My favourite football shirt - Daniel Storey

We caught up with football writer Daniel Storey to talk; cards with grandpa, picnic tablecloth football shirts and Ronaldo finishes. 

What was your first ever football shirt?

I remember being about four or five years old, and already schooled in being a Nottingham Forest fan. My mum had seen the club’s glory days (you’ve probably heard one or two fans mention them), and used to leave me at various relations whilst she went to the odd away game or big Cup match.

I remember playing cards with my grandpa when my grandma came in from shopping with a Forest kit in hand. Would have been the Shipstones one from 1989/90 season, and I wore it for what felt like a week straight.

What is your favourite ever football shirt? 


Nottingham Forest, Umbro, 1989 / Nottingham Forest, Umbro, 1994 / Croatia, Lotto, 1996

In terms of personal selection, it would be the blue Nottingham Forest Labatt’s away shirt from 1994/6. It wasn’t particularly good looking, but is synonymous with a time at which football seemed all realised hopes and dreams. From the age of eight and ten whilst we had that kit Forest went from second tier to third in the Premier League and a UEFA Cup QF against Bayern Munich. Someone should have told me that life wasn’t always like that.

In terms of aesthetic perfection, I ‘d go for the Croatia national team shirt from Euro 96. I remember Nottingham being awash with that picnic tablecloth pattern with the Croatians playing group games at the City Ground, and instantly believing it to be the coolest thing around. I’m also huge fan of having the shirt number on the front middle of the shirt. It’s iconic without being over-marketed like the Italian or Brazil designs, for me.

What is your favourite football shirt?

Completely impossible, so I’ll say the three that I first thought of:

Stuart Pearce, England v Spain, Euro 96 - I wasn’t old enough during World Cup 90 to comprehend how crushing THAT penalty had been for Pearce, who was my favourite player growing up, but I knew enough by Euro 96 to be racked with nerves as Psycho stood up to take that penalty. I almost cried when it hit the back of the net, and even typing this now makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. Vindication and redemption for a man that never needed either in the eyes of Forest fans.

Ronaldo, Inter Milan v Lazio, UEFA Cup Final 1998 - I saw Ronaldo as the best player of my footballing development, and this goal just makes me giggle with glee watching it. The way he moves through on Marchegiani and confuses him two or three times without the ball even moving just summed up how dangerous a striker he was. Add to that the joy on his face whenever he scored and I’m signed up to the fan club.

Stan Collymore, Forest v Sheffield Wednesday, 1995 - Forest beat Sheffield Wednesday 7-1 on April Fool’s Day 1995, and the fifth goal summed up just how good we were at that time. Steve Stone hassling busily on the right hand side to win the ball, Bryan Roy running at players before laying the ball off, and Collymore cutting inside before drilling the ball low. I remember the home fans standing up to applaud the fifth, sixth and seventh goals that day, such was their quality.

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My favourite football shirt - Marcus Speller

My favourite football shirt - Amy Lawrence

My favourite football shirt - Michael Cox

My favourite football shirt - Michael Cox

We caught up with Michael Cox from Zonal Marking fame, who shared with us his favourite kit - another European classic.   

What was you first ever football shirt?

My first one was England Euro 96, the white one thankfully, not the horrible grey one. I don’t think it has been beaten in the subsequent years.

What is your favourite football shirt?

I always like the Croatia away shirt from France 1998 in particular. It just incorporates the flag (and the home kit) very nicely into a different design.

Croatia, Lotto, 1998

Croatia, Lotto, 1998

What is your favourite goal?

Alessandro Del Piero’s goal in Italy 2-0 Germany in WC 2006. Cannavaro winning the ball brilliantly, Totti shoving him off it to play the ball ahead, the movement on the ball of Gilardino and then the overlapping run of Del Piero, the way Gilardino waits for him, moves the defender in the wrong direction before passing, then Del Piero’s perfect clipped finish into the corner. And then the final whistle went, as Italy were celebrating - and this was only two minutes after the opener, at the end of a superb 0-0 until then. Great stuff.

Michael you painted that goal better than YouTube.  And what a goal.  

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My favourite football shirt - Annie Eaves

We caught up with Annie Eaves who revealed a somewhat controversial first ever football shirt.  

What was you first ever football shirt?  
Manchester United away, think it was about 1990. It was the awful blue and white Adidas crest one which many hate but it is nostalgic for me.

Manchester United, Adidas, 1991/2

Manchester United, Adidas, 1991/2

What was your favourite ever football shirt?   
Manchester United home 1992, the tie up one. Just great memories of the football played in it and the club’s rise at the time. I also liked Croatia’s kit, when they first came into international football and their red and white squares became well known.  The pride many had in that shirt was obvious, even to a youngster.

Croatia, Lotto, 1995/6

Croatia, Lotto, 1995/6

What is your favourite ever goal?  
For emotion, Teddy Sheringham against Bayern Munich in the Champions League final. All was lost but I still had a bit of belief and when he scored that, the feeling was amazing. Scrappy goal but I will never forget it.

Neither will we Annie.  Nor will we forget that Man Utd blue and white “awful” away shirt.  

You can watch that goal here in a weird video of the final 3 minutes of the Champions League final through one camera.  

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