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Bayern Munich (1999) - the curse of the away shirt

Bayern Munich lost the 1999 Champions League against Manchester United due to their choice of kit.

My abiding memory of the final is not Teddy Sheringham’s last minute equaliser or Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s injury time winner for Manchester United.  Oh no.

At the final whistle, after seeing Manchester United steal the Champions League from his grasp, Sami Kuffour, Bayern Munich’s Ghanaian centre back, struck the Nou Camp pitch with such force that it registered on the richter scale.  

Some say fate was always on Alex Ferguson’s side from the moment the football kits were for the final decided.  Manchester United, winning the coin toss, wore their lucky red and white home kit whilst Bayern donned their grey and burgundy, Adidas, away kit.  

Bayern Munch - (Adidas) 1999, away

Bayern Munich, (Adidas), 1999, (away)

The German champions only Champions League defeat before the final had come wearing the Adidas away shirt against Brondby, in the first match of their campaign. Like the final it was a last minute winner, this time scored by Danish superstar Allan Ravn.  

Was this last minute defeat playing on the Bayern Munich players mind as Beckham swung in the last minute corner?  Did the grey and burgundy flash back memories of Allan Ravn?   

We at the Football Shirt Collective say yes.  

The Football Shirt Collective want to bring football shirts out of the cupboard and back into the spotlight.

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