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Nottingham Forest - three stripes and trophies

Was the 1978 - 1986 the greatest era for the Nottingham Forest football kit? @Red__Sprite takes a look back at the day of Adidas and trophies.

Between 1978 and 1986, Nottingham Forest won the League Championship, European Cup (twice), League Cup (twice), European Super Cup and Charity Shield.  And they did it in style - this period saw them sporting the simple, classic Adidas three stripes kit. 

At the time I was merely a baby, but I’m told I watched / slept through many of the European games on my Dad’s chest.  Looking back, Adidas provided some fantastic stuff.Nottingham Forest, Adidas, 1978-1986

Nottingham Forest, Adidas, 1978-1986

- The home red shirt - normally worn with white shorts and red socks, but red shorts were worn for both the European Cup final victories

- The yellow away kit - worn with either yellow or blue shorts, this was worn for the 1978 League Cup Final replay victory over Liverpool at Old Trafford 

- Some fine tracksuits - such as this red worn by Brian Clough 

As the early 1980s worn on, pinstripes were added to the classic design.  The silverware also dried up.  No connection has ever been proved, but that is not to say there wasn’t one.

For the 1986-1987 season, Forest switched to Umbro.  Enough said.

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