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Heerenveen, Jako, 2013/14

Summary: Finally. A kit with lots of little red hearts. Or are they kidney beans? No. Jelly beans? Alas no. The red blotches are waterlily’s, that represent the districts of Friesland - the region in Holland where SC Heerenveen are from. The contrast of the red waterlily’s with the blue and white stripes provide the perfect festival going football shirt. A classic with a sense of adventure.

Makers: Jako

Inspired by: Friesland

Would suit:  Daft Punk

When to where: Lovebox, Sonar, Exit

Where can I get one:  You can order the 2013/14 Heerenveen kit here from

What do you think of the kit? Let us know @thefootballsc

Here are some other kits we thought you would like:

Euro2012 Countdown: Holland, Adidas, 1988 - the faded arrow

New kit preview: Arsenal, Nike, 2013/14

Juventus, Nike, 2013/14

The Football Shirt Collective - Best of 2012

2012 has been the year of the football shirt.  We take a look back at some of the best and worst shirts shared with the Football Shirt Collective, from Estonia to AC Milan.  Let us know what you think @thefootballsc

Best goalkeeper shirt

Estonia, Lotto, 1996/7.  Without doubt this is the best goalkeeper shirt I have ever seen courtesy of @209fifashirts.  It is a bizarre tribute to the Aztecs that would not be out of place at a rave.   

Estonia, Lotto, 1996/7

Best use of polka dots

Nara Club, Japan.  Giant pink polka dots on a football shirt.  What’s not to like?  

Best international kit

Holland, Adidas, 1988 – the faded arrow. The 80’s were a great time in football shirt history and Euro 88 did not disappoint.  Maybe this shirt is rated because this shirt is associated with Marco Van Basten’s goals. Either way it is special.    

Holland, Adidas, 1988 

Classic club kit

AC Milan, Adidas, 1990/1 as shared by @okwonga.  The AC Milan kit of the early 90’s is everything a classic football shirt should be.  Collar.  Check.  Bold colours.  Check.  Brings back memories.  Check. 

AC Milan, Adidas, 1990 

Most popular kit

The kit that is most regularly shared with us has to be England.  We have 6 in the collective.  From Seaman’s Euro 96 goalkeeper shirt to the Umbro, Italia 90 shirt made famous by Gazza. 

Best video

Quite frankly the best football video ever made.  That is all.  Courtesy of @labwam and @shindles5.

Best kit maker

The most popular kit maker has got to be hummel. From Duncan Jenkins to Max Rushden, hummel shirts constantly are the most popular shirts in the collective.  

Finally a big thank you to everyone for their first football shirts contributions and to those who have posted images of their favourite kits.   From Barnet to Botswana we love them all.  

If you have a kit to share, keep them coming @thefootballsc.  

Here is to a special and successful 2013 full of football shirts.  Happy New Year.  

Beyond the terraces

Thanks for all the feedback about the football shirt collection we posted earlier.  And good effort to those that guessed all the kits.  If you like what you saw check out the video above created by film maker and photographer Danny Sangra.

It is for the launch of Beyond Retro’s  collection of over 250 rare and exclusive football shirts dating back to the ‘70s. Just some of the shirts include a match issued Van Basten shirt from his AC Milan glory days, as well as shirts from footballing greats across Europe including, Zinedine Zidane, Deco and Taribo West.

Having seen the collection first hand they are something to behold.  The Nigeria 1994 shirt is bright and bold, the Dortmund, Nike shirt is garish and the Holland shirt is a collectable.   

You can find out more about Beyond Retro’s collection and the launch party on Tuesday 4th December at their Dalson store here - where the shirts will be on show in all their glory.

Shirt of the day: Barnet, Surridge, 2012/13 In honour of Edgar Davids - may you follow the footsteps of Dougie Freedman, Ian Hendon and Giuliano Grazioli

Shirt of the day: Ajax, Umbro, 1989 courtesy of @wretchedascrisp

Source: classicfootballshirts

My favourite football shirt - Musa Okwonga

We spoke to Musa Okwonga about his favourite football shirt.  Pretty surprising as he is a Man Utd fan.

What was your first ever football shirt?

An Arsenal away kit - it was yellow, with a blue velour JVC logo on the front. Loved it, wore it to training all the time.  

What is your favourite ever shirt?

AC Milan, early-Nineties, with the Mediolanum sponsor on the front.

AC Milan, Adidas, 1990/1

AC Milan, Adidas, 1990/1

What is your favourite ever goal?

This changes all the time.  Currently it is probably that Van Basten volleyagainst Russia in 1988.  I would probably have died happy on the spot if I’d done that.  

So would we Musa.  Great goal.  Great shirt.  

Marco Van Basten volley vs. USSR 

Euro2012 Countdown: Holland, Adidas, 1988 - the faded arrow

The greatest football shirt of all time?  The greatest goal of all time?  

The late 80’s was the golden age for the football shirt.  Adidas, worried about the challenge of hummel who were innovating in kit design for; Denmark, Sweden and Norway, introduced this timeless classic for Holland.  The faded arrow.  

Holland, Adidas, 1988

Holland, Adidas, 1988

Euro 88 was the Netherlands first and only major title and some say it was down to the faded arrow.  Marco Van Basten clearly liked the shirt, finishing the tournament as top goal scorer with 5 goals, including the above “greatest goal of all time” against USSR.  

This was made even more impressive as goals were at a premium in Euro 88.  The next highest goal scorers to Van Basten, Oleh Protasov and Rudi Völler, only scored 2 goals a piece.  

So Marco Van Basten for the “greatest goal of all time” and Adidas for the “greatest football shirt of all time” - we at the Football Shirt Collective salute you.

You can share your classic football shirts by; tagging them to our facebook page, sending us a link to them on twitter, or pinning them on our Pinterest board.  We will publish the best on our blog.  

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