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Shirt of the day: Brøndby, Hummel, 2013-15 courtesy of @eldejo

We have said it once we have said it again, we bloody love Hummel at the Football Shirt Collective.  And what better time to celebrate the Danish kit makers then when Daniel Agger is heading home to Brøndby.

Here is a cracker designed by Eldejo. The 2013-14 Brøndby IF home matchwear celebrates the 10 championships won by the club with two stars above the crest, with each star representing 5 titles.

Brondby, Hummel, 2013-15

The design of the kits, from the cutting lines to the graphics, are inspired by the shapes of stars…on the front chest, the tips of two stars meet as two shades of blue and the bodymapped mesh inserts also take on star shapes. The jersey back references the stars and on the inside neck, every year of a title won is written on the neck tape. Below the tape is a star inspired graphic highlighting the partnership between Brøndby and hummel.

If you have a hummel shirt you want to share let us know @thefootballsc

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The Football Shirt Collective - Hummel

Shirt of the day: Sunderland, Hummel, 1991-94 courtesy of @philanderson99

Lets make something clear.  Very clear.  We love Hummel shirts on the Football Shirt Collective.  This Sunderland shirt from 1994 is another classic.  Simple design with the pointed black arrows on the sleeve.  Classic.  

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Shirt of the day:  Tottenham Hotspur, Hummel, 1990/1 courtesy of @Alexeroberts

We love Hummel kits on the Football Shirt Collective.  Denmark, Spurs even Real Madrid have all had shirts created by the Danish shirt makers.  And who can blame them.  Hummel kits are classic and often get a shout out in our “my favourite football shirt" pieces. 

This Spurs kit from Alex Roberts sums up all that was good about hummel.  Arrowed stripes on the sleeve, V neck collar and patterned polyester.  Quite frankly immense.  

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Tottenham Hotspur, Hummel, 1986-87 - Ossie’s testimonial

Hummel kits get quite a lot of air time on the the Football Shirt Collective as they sum up everything we are about.  Classic football shirts that bring back memories. 

Rob Hogg takes a look back at another Premiership classic.  Spurs 1986 hummel shirt (coincidently Max Rushden’s favourite).   Hummel, Maradona and Nico Claesen.  What’s not to like?

In 1986-87, Spurs were the nearly men of football, finishing 3rd in the league, reaching the final of the FA Cup and the semi-finals of the League Cup.

They did it all whilst wearing this stylish number. The fashionistas at Hummel were obsessed with arrows during the 80s, and they really bring them to the fore here, taking them down off the arms and giving them pride of place on the front of the shirt. Although to the untrained eye, they can look like they are pointing in the wrong direction. But this must be personal preference.

Tottenham Hotspur, Hummel, 1986/7

Tottenham Hotspur, Hummel, 1986/7

The man overseeing Spurs’ success and their style of attacking, fluid football was David Pleat. Pleat would leave at the end of the year due to non-footballing reasons. But on the pitch, his team did the business. The person to most profit from his management was Clive Allen who won Players’ Player of the Year as well as the Football Writers’ Award (not enough to earn him a regular place in the England squad though).

A man who did not benefit was Nico Claesen, despite the fact that Pleat had been the person to sign him. Pleat had seen the opportunity to play a five man midfield, with Chris Waddle playing as a roaming forward. The man sacrificed was the stocky, goal-nabbing Belgian – a real Jermaine Defoe of his day.

Claesen’s number was finally up when Pleat left the club, and replacement manager Terry Venables decided that a striker who scored a goal every other game was of no use to him. But perhaps Claesen had never really recovered after this vicious assault by the Crazy Gang.

A player who Pleat was unable to sign, but who ended up still wearing the kit, was of course Diego Maradona. Here he is from the previous season, playing in Ossie Ardiles’ testimonial. After the game, there is an interview in which the little fella quite openly lies about his intentions for the upcoming World Cup.

Rob Hogg

Is this Spurs greatest ever shirt?  Let us know @thefootballsc 

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My favourite football shirt - Max Rushden

We caught up with Soccer AM’s Max Rushden to talk classic Cambridge kits, Holsten Spurs shirts and Lee Philpott’s right foot.

What was your first ever football shirt?

Cambridge United, late 80s, Nike.  Classic yellow with black trim.  Sponsored by Lynfox.  I have got no idea what they do.  [If anyone knows what Lynfox do - let us know on twitter @thefootballsc]

Cambridge United, Nike, 1986

Cambridge United, Nike, 1986

What is your favourite ever football shirt? 

My Dad is a big Spurs fan and put me in the hummel, Holsten kit with the thin stripes down the top.  Hoddle looked great in that…

What is your favourite ever goal?

This is tough.  Lee Philpott’s volley for Cambridge United vs Bristol City in the FA Cup 5th Round replay.  It was the only time he kicked the ball with his right foot in years at the abbey.  You can watch that volley here.  

Got a favourite football shirt? You can share your classic football shirts by; tagging them to our facebook page, sending us a link to them on twitter, or pinning them on our Pinterest board - and we will publish the best on our blog.

My favourite football shirt - Duncan Jenkins

We caught up with the perspiring football journo Duncan Jenkins - hello mates - who picked out a couple of classic football shirts.

What was you first football shirt?

It was the oldham athletic shirt from 1991. the shirt had ‘BOVIS’ on the front and they make bread which i absolutely love. it was a glorious time in our history and i used to go every week with my uncle derek. we used to beat the drop in division one (which then became the premiership), and had some good cup runs. i do have some bad memories attached to the shirt however as i was wearing it when i got my head kicked in for the first time. i had my head kicked in many, many times at football in the 90s and i never did anything do deserve it.

Oldham Athletic, Umbro, 1991Oldham Athletic, Umbro, 1991

What is your favourite ever football shirt?  

probably the denmark kit from the 1986 world cup. my nana went on holiday to turkey and brought back a blag version as a present. i didnt know it was fake but i loved the kit. when i was a kid i used to pretend to be michael laudrup in our back yard. either him or keith houchen.  Denmark, hummel, 1986Denmark, hummel, 1986

What is your favourite ever goal?

frankie bunn once scored six goals (that’s a double hat trick) in one game against scarborough in the littlewoods cup, and i was there with uncle derek. i was only about 7 but i remember it. the 6th goal was my favourite, i could not believe he got a double hat trick, i was blown away. it was the first double hat trick i saw and i havent seen one since. my favourite famous goal is probably gazza against scotland in euro 96. 

You can share your classic football shirts by; tagging them to our facebook page, sending us a link to them on twitter, or pinning them on our Pinterest board - and we will publish the best on our blog.

Like this kit.  You can buy the Denmark, Hummel, 1992 here.

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