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My favourite football shirt - Annie Eaves

We caught up with Annie Eaves who revealed a somewhat controversial first ever football shirt.  

What was you first ever football shirt?  
Manchester United away, think it was about 1990. It was the awful blue and white Adidas crest one which many hate but it is nostalgic for me.

Manchester United, Adidas, 1991/2

Manchester United, Adidas, 1991/2

What was your favourite ever football shirt?   
Manchester United home 1992, the tie up one. Just great memories of the football played in it and the club’s rise at the time. I also liked Croatia’s kit, when they first came into international football and their red and white squares became well known.  The pride many had in that shirt was obvious, even to a youngster.

Croatia, Lotto, 1995/6

Croatia, Lotto, 1995/6

What is your favourite ever goal?  
For emotion, Teddy Sheringham against Bayern Munich in the Champions League final. All was lost but I still had a bit of belief and when he scored that, the feeling was amazing. Scrappy goal but I will never forget it.

Neither will we Annie.  Nor will we forget that Man Utd blue and white “awful” away shirt.  

You can watch that goal here in a weird video of the final 3 minutes of the Champions League final through one camera.  

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