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My favourite football shirt - Scott Johnston

We caught up with Scott Johnston of @thefootyblognet to talk all things Ally McCoist and Hidetoshi Nakata.

What is your favourite ever goal?

My first strip was bought for me when I was three or four. It was the late eighties and it was a Rangers away strip. My grandpa bought me it and it was through him that I developed my love for football. 

The strip was red and white. It was cut in half, so the top half of the diamond was white while the bottom was red. One sleeve was white the other was red. I loved that top. They brought out one very similar in the 2006/07 season. 

What is your favourite ever football shirt? 

Perugia, Galex, 1998 - football shirt

My favourite strip is the Perugia home strip in 1998. 

I have always loved Serie A. Hidetoshi Nakata had just joined Perugia after the World Cup in France & I was very interested in how he would do. He was top class and I fell in love with red Perugia top that had Silver Griffin emblazoned on it. 

That Christmas when I was 14, my brother spotted in the Football Italia magazine that you could order the strip, so he told my parents. 

Needless to say I was thrilled that christmas as I got the strip I really wanted and no one else had. The strip was made in Italy from a company i had never heard of before and of course it has Nakata on the back. The fact I still have it shows how much it means to me.

Perugia, Galex, 1998 - NAKATA

What was your first ever football shirt? 

Rangers were drawn against Leeds United in the first ever Champions League qualifying round. 

Leeds thought it would be easy but were 2-1 down from the first leg. 

Down at Elland Road it wasn’t much better for the English side as Rangers to an early lead through a great Mark Hateley strike. Then came my favourite ever goal.

Leeds wasted possession in the Gers half, Rangers broke quickly up field. Ian Durrant slipped a ball through to Hateley who took it out to the left-hand side. Hateley then without looking up crossed it into the box, for the far post and there was Ally McCoist free from his marker at the back post to score an absolutely wonderful diving header. 

Super Ally was my favourite player he score a great goal, that killed off English hopes, that cemented the claims that Rangers were a fine side that generation and sent us into the first ever Champions League.

The goal still gives me goose pimples!  

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